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Agate stone for interiors

Why Agate Stone Surfaces are Ideal for Your Interiors?

Whenever you install a natural element in your home, you establish a very personal and deep connection to it. Your […]

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hardwood floor living room

7 Benefits of a Hardwood Floor for Your Home

Hardwood flooring can be a great option for homeowners living in cold climate areas. However, the benefits of hardwood flooring […]

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Kitchen Hardwood Floor

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Hardwood Flooring Installer

Imagine you have it all planned – your newly remodeled home with everything in place and the hardwood floor so […]

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Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring

Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring: Which One Should You Choose For Your Home?

Choosing new flooring for your home is challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail. The decision can be […]

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Stone impression Tile

Gramar Stone Introduces Stone Impressions & Artisan Deco Tiles

We all want a home of our own; a beautiful, warm and cozy space that we can call our own […]

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Top Hardwood Flooring

Top Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2019

It is quite a challenging task to pick the right flooring for your home that will complement the interior décor […]

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Quartzite Slabs for Kitchens

Why Quartzite Slabs are Preferred for Kitchens?

Building a new kitchen or remodeling requires meticulous planning as it involves many choices. When it comes to choosing the […]

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engineered hardwood floors benefits

7 Major Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood is made from the various byproducts of solid wood, such as scraps of lumber and sawdust. These elements […]

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Top Kitchen Countertop Design Trends for 2019

It is quite difficult to feel comfortable and active in your kitchen when the interiors are bland and unattractive. Kitchen […]

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Dolomite for Kitchen Countertops

All You Need to Know About Dolomite for Kitchen Countertops

Dolomite slabs are often used to make countertops in residential and commercial projects due to their exquisite looks and amazing […]

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