4 Benefits of Using Quartzite Slabs

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any house. It is the place where meals are prepared for the entire family, as well as for any guests who might be visiting. It can also function as a gathering place for the family, where they can share a meal together and entertain their guests. Due to these reasons, it is extremely important for every element of the kitchen to be aesthetically appealing, durable, and reasonably high-quality.

One of the most prominent elements of the kitchen, as we all know, is the countertop. It takes up a large amount of space in the cooking area and dominates the room visually. The countertop is also very useful, as it is the place where you prepare the ingredients for any dish you are about to cook. Hence, the type of kitchen countertop you install will have a huge impact on the functionality and décor of your kitchen space.

Buying a Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

While we all know the importance of a great kitchen countertop, finding the perfect countertop is often easier said than done. The market is filled with options, and it can be extremely difficult to choose the countertop you need from all the ones on offer. However, if you would like to go for something that’s a sure bet, then you cannot do better than a high-quality and well made quartzite countertop.

As a material, quartzite offers several benefits, which have made it one of the most popular countertop materials in the US. Quartzite slabs are perfect for the kitchen and can offer you all the features that you need for a durable, functional, and visually appealing cooking area. Made from natural stone, quartzite slabs can bring a slice of nature into your interiors without putting a dent in your wallet.

Advantages of Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Quartzite is a natural stone, a metamorphic rock created through the application of extreme heat and pressure on sandstone. This heat and pressure is caused by the tectonic plate compressions taking place in the earth’s crust. This stone is mined, made into slabs, polished, and sealed by experienced professionals to create the beautiful quartzite countertops which enhance the glory of your kitchen.

Read on to know four reasons why you should definitely buy one such quartzite slab for your own dream kitchen.

  • Durability

Quartzite is a natural stone that is tougher and more durable than both quartz and granite. This strength is one of the greatest pros of quartzite and it is what makes it the ideal countertop material for your kitchen. The countertop is used for various activities such as chopping vegetables, kneading dough, and preparing ingredients.

Hence, the countertop surface needs to be strong enough to withstand such heavy usage. Moreover, it needs to be non-porous and dense, so that it is not easily stained by minor leaks and spills, which happen all the time in the kitchen. All of these essential features are offered by quartzite slabs, which makes them one of the most durable countertop materials available.

  • Scratch Resistance

Another major plus point of quartzite slabs is that they are resistant to scratches, dents, abrasions, and heat. Etching and chipping is also very rare in the case of quartzite. These qualities are very important for the simple reason that the countertop is often used for activities such as chopping and cutting.

If the surface is susceptible to scratches, dents, and abrasions, this would ruin the beauty of the countertop in no time. Therefore, you need a kitchen countertop that can withstand the impact without losing its aesthetic appeal. A white quartzite slab can fulfill that requirement, as it looks exactly like marble without having any of its inherent vulnerabilities.

  • Low Maintenance

Another major benefit of installing a quartzite slab in your kitchen is that it is extremely low maintenance. That means that quartzite countertops do not require frequent polishing and only needs sealing on occasion. They can be cleaned in minutes and are easy and cheap to maintain. Therefore, they are perfect for those who do not have much time to spare for household cleaning and maintenance chores.

Moreover, an inexpensive pH balanced natural stone soap and a damp rag are all that you need to clean a quartzite slab. No specialized products or equipment are required, which makes the process of maintenance extremely inexpensive and simple. To prevent staining, you will just have to seal the countertop once every couple of years.

  • Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, quartzite can easily compete with the most popular natural stones such as marble and granite. Moreover, quartzite slabs can be availed in a variety of colors and hues. This means that you can find a quartzite slab that blends perfectly with the pre-existing décor of your kitchen, regardless of which color scheme you have used in your interiors.

This diversity in terms of colors and shades is caused by the presence of various minerals which all add a unique color to the quartzite slab. Gray, white, red, green, yellow, orange, and blue are some of the hues that you will be able to find on various slabs of quartzite.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the reasons why you should invest in a quartzite slab for your kitchen countertop, it is time to contact a reputed manufacturer of natural stone countertops such as Gramar Stone. This will help you ensure that you only receive the highest quality stone slabs for your home interiors.

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