4 Important Features of the Best Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops are an important feature of any modern residence. However, if you’re planning an extensive interior renovation or remodeling of your home, it may not always be easy to decide what kind of a countertop you want to install in your bathroom and how to procure it. This is because there is a wide range of options available in the market, and inexperienced consumers might find themselves confused and overwhelmed when trying to make a choice.

When choosing the perfect bathroom countertop for your home, you will have to decide what kind of material, style, and finish you are looking for. You may also have to choose a color or pattern for the countertop surface. Making such a decision is not easy, and it will require extensive research and study. For instance, you will have to know the difference between granite, limestone, and marble countertops as well as the pros and cons of maintaining a natural stone versus a low maintenance quartz.

However, there are certain features that you should be looking for when it comes to purchasing a bathroom countertop for your home. Some of the essential ones have been mentioned below.

Essential Features that All Bathroom Countertops Must Have

  • Durability

When choosing the perfect bathroom countertop, durability is one of the factors that you should definitely emphasize. The bathroom countertop will be regularly exposed to water, moisture, and chemicals in the form of soap, shampoo, detergents, etc. Hence, it must be made from a material that is resistant to moisture and humidity and is not easily affected by chemical exposure.

Ideally, the countertop should also be resistant to scratches, dents, and abrasions, as the bathroom in any house typically experiences heavy usage and hence the risk of an impact is high. Hard, durable natural stones are usually perfect for this purpose, which is why many homeowners opt to install quartzite and granite slabs on their bathroom counters.

  • Maintenance

When buying a bathroom countertop, you also have to consider the amount of maintenance and upkeep that will be required, and whether or not it will be possible for you to do the requisite maintenance work. For instance, marble is a delicate material and is prone to scratching and chipping, so it would be best for a low usage bathroom.  

On the other hand, quartzite countertops only need to be sealed every so often, are scratch resistant, and can be wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth and some soapy water. A piece of fine-grade sandpaper is all that is needed to buff out any scratches or abrasions if you chose a honed finish countertops. Likewise, granite countertops are not as prone to staining as a marble and can easily repel grease and chemicals once sealed and maintained properly..


The bathroom is a personal space used for cleaning and grooming. Hence, it is important for this space to be visually pleasing and relaxing, in order for you to feel comfortable within its confines. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can opt for a pristine marble or quartzite countertop or a more colorful one made from granite or onyx.

However, before making your choice, you must take into account the overall décor and aesthetic of your interiors and make sure that your bathroom countertop will blend well with the pre-existing color scheme and accessories. You should also ensure that the elements and accessories such as the faucet, cabinet, and mirror match (or contrast) well with the countertop design.


When buying a bathroom countertop, you have to consider the budget you have set for the remodeling project and what part of that budget you can afford to spend on the countertop. While countertops made from marble can be very attractive and elegant, they can sometimes be expensive and are hard to maintain. Marble will need to be extremely well sealed in order to prevent water damage in the bathroom, and is not well suited for heavy usage.

On the other hand, a quartzite slab can provide you with the aesthetic appeal of marble, but is a much more durable alternative. Moreover, quartzite is also quite sturdy and very easy to maintain.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the important features of a great bathroom countertop. For the best results, however, you should only purchase your countertop from a reliable and trusted seller such as Gramar Stone. This will ensure that you get the highest quality material for your home, at a reasonable price point.

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