Nowhere in the world will you find the whiter-than-white, powder-soft sand that you will discover on the coral islands of Maldives. Whether you arrive by private yacht or by seaplane, spacious villas perch above aquamarine waters. But it is the perfect beaches that lure travelers from the soft comforts into nature. The tile blend of soft whites awakens a sense of spirituality and contemplation.


For more than a thousand years, people have made their home in the soft rock of Cappadocia, Turkey. Erosion may have shaped the incredible landscape, but humans took a cue from Mother Nature and carved complex tunnels into the rock. The natural-hued blend emulates the dry and rocky plateau of this World Heritage site.


A desert oasis awaits you in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Untouched by modern man, this arid climate offers one-of-a-kind views of nighttime skies, where the galaxy overhead is the main attraction. The desert’s rocky landscape is recreated in tile, showcasing coffee brown, pearlescent whites and blue-grays.


Australia’s last untouched paradise lies in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, kissed by the sun and caressed by fragrant trade winds. Only two of the 27 islands are inhabited; the rest await your exploration. Whisper-soft blues and a hint of gray-green make up this lustrous blend.


Don your swimsuit and flip flops for some epic relaxation in Cayo Coco, a luscious tropical island off the coast of Cuba. Famous for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, and aquamarine waters, this island paradise entices travelers with the promise of endless surf and sea life adventures. The glass blend transports you to this getaway destination through a combination of whisper-soft whites, blues, aquas and greens.


Situated among three other islands in the Arabian Sea, Socotra is the largest and the most unusual. A third of the flora found here is native to the island and not found anywhere else on Earth. The Socotra tile blend beguiles with elegant brown-gray hues and greens.


Welcome to Australia’s Kangaroo Island where landscapes invite you to stop and gaze. The island may be wild by nature, but anticipate a friendly welcome—sea lions greet you on pristine white beaches; koalas doze in lofty eucalyptus; and pelicans glide over shimmering waterways. The soaring cliffs, dense forests, golden sand dunes and lush wetlands of the island are discernible in this tile blend.


Rugged and rewarding, Thailand’s Surin Islands are an undiscovered, remote escape that draw divers and snorkelers to explore coral reefs and sea creatures. The national park—an archipelago of five islands—is only accessible by boat. The tile’s color palette is reminiscent of Surin’s pristine beaches, clear bays and lush jungles.


Located in Turkey, this natural wonder is comprised of terraces and travertine formed by streams and hot springs. The waters are believed to have curative powers and have been used as a thermal bath for centuries. The tile blends reflect colors of gray stone and icy blue water.


Experience the feeling of being a castaway on a deserted island on Panama’s San Blas Islands. The archipelago comprising 365 islands—many uninhabited—are dotted with coconut palms that grow aside bright turquoise waters. Pristine white beaches and crystal-clear seas offer the ultimate digital detox while you swim among the starfish. Aqua, whites and grays emulate the look of this tropical destination.


Imagine a place where nature is at its most vivid; turquoise and cobalt blue waters shimmer under the light of the morning sun. The ultimate underwater expedition places visitors face-to-face with marine life as diverse as the Amazon, while rare birds offer lofty theater. This blend draws out the lush blues and greens of these rain-forest-clad islands, fostering a natural Eden.


If it’s holistic healing you’re after, look no further than Skyros, the most remote of the Greek Islands in the Aegean sea. An island of dual personalities, the northern half offers a landscape of green and fertile densely wooded forests while the south contrasts with jagged coastlines and barren scenery. The Skyros glass blend amplifies the beauty found in nature through a blend of gray, white, midnight and sky blues, and a hint of green.


Snow-capped mountains meet the sea in Kaikoura, a dramatic landscape nestled between the Southern Alps in New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean. Known for its abundant wildlife—including whales, fur seals, and albatross – Kaikoura offers wanderers endless winding coastal walks for sea gazing. This mosaic blend magically captures the combination of earth meeting water through hues of deep blue, gray-blue and soft white.


Breathtaking coastal views are the hallmarks of Twillingate Island off the coast of Newfoundland. The rock-ribbed landscape, dotted with forests and carpeted with soft grasses, overlooks steel-gray ocean waters and drifting icebergs—even in the summer months. The glass mosaic blend echoes the look and feel of this majestic coastline through a combination of oceanic blues, cool grays, and seafoam whites.


A remote island in the Philippine Sea, Aogashima is an active volcanic island accessible only by boat or helicopter. Home to 200 residents and occasional adventurers, the island is a serene getaway with a sense of danger. The striking glass blend takes inspiration from sea blues, cool winds and dark volcanic rock.

Available patterns

1 x 1 Offset

1 x 2 Brick

Vineyard (½ x ½, 1 x 2)

½ x 4 Brick *

Zig & Zag (½ x 4) *

1 x 4 Brick *