Leather Finish Stone Is the New Pick of People in 2018

If you are about to delve into home remodeling, you may experience a confused state of mind, devoid of any fruitful conclusion. Some people will offer a suggestion that will be enough to burn a hole in the pocket while a few will present a lousy plan. None of the options have the capacity to satiate your need if you seek to establish a classy home with the latest embellishments. One such item is the leather finish stone, which is expected to rule in 2018 with its stylish flair.

Key Points of Remodeling

Remodeling is tougher than constructing a new home as the challenge is to retain most of the items in the existing setup. This not only demands creativity on your part but also emphasizes on a proper research of the latest trends. Kitchen acts as a show stopper when someone visits your house, which will be justified if you opt for the latest amenities and compatible accessories. Hence, it is suggested to incorporate the finest materials in the area that will not only fit in your budget but will also contribute to a glamorous look.

Granite Stone for the Kitchen Countertops

Countertop, cabinetry, and floor are the basic components of a kitchen that transform the area to obtain a different outlook. Along with this trio, the gadgets, knobs, handles, and furniture pieces add finesse without overcrowding the space. Granite countertops are very common in household kitchens for its polished and sleek appearance. It reflects the light of the kitchen, brightening the space. Honed granite stones are also preferred if you seek a matte look. Though this stone is a good option for your kitchen, it fails to create a lasting impression on the visitors due to the dull appearance.

Leathered Stones

With time, the options of the stone have increased. Currently, the leather finish stone is in vogue with its unique finish and modern approach. It effectively transforms the mundane appeal of a granite stone to an innovative contoured and patterned one. However, an accurate finish can only be achieved with the help of the professionals.
A rough surface with a dash of matte look is the significant attribute of a leather finish stone. In order to achieve this, a diamond-tipped brush is applied to the surface. This polishes the top of the stone while keeping the contour and grooves untouched. After achieving the desired texture and smoothness, it is sealed to enhance the durability.

Benefits of Opting for Leather Finish Stones

Leather finish stones are the best pick for the current year with its timeless appearance. It is the perfect conjugation of polished as well as honed granite, offering a textual outlook. Let us have a look at the other benefits of opting for the stone:

  • Style-

    Leathered granite offers a rustic appeal with a dull hue and uneven texture. This can seamlessly offer a traditional look to the area if clubbed with appropriate supporting amenities.

  • Diversified choices-

    Due to an unexpected outcome, the texture of the stones can’t be predicted. You can either choose it to be polished to get a shiny surface or can be left in its natural state to promote the natural charm.

  • Texture-

    This type of stone appears rough to the eyes while smooth when touched, which is capable of bringing life to a normal area.

  • Color-

    The process of leathering extracts the natural color of a stone which the polished or honed surface fails to produce. Whether indoor or outdoor area, you can easily accommodate the stone as per the theme of the place.

  • Stain-free-

    The pores of the stone becomes constricted due to the leathering process. This strengthens the stones and keeps it away from any external vulnerability like spillage, fingerprint, water spots, and more.

  • Resistant to the formation of bacteria-

    Since the pores are tightly arranged with each other, the bacteria don’t get a chance to build its colony on the stone. This ensures longer life and blemish-free appearance.


Leather finish stones are perfect for a place where you want to add an extra dimension. However, sealing the stone is essential if it is used rigorously. This not only adds class but also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the product. Enjoy a dynamic look of your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor with this rustic yet fashionable stone.

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