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Gramar Stone Introduces Stone Impressions & Artisan Deco Tiles

Stone impression Tile

We all want a home of our own; a beautiful, warm and cozy space that we can call our own and share with our family and loved ones. All homeowners want to customize and personalize their living spaces in a way that fits their tastes and preferences. We want to leave a mark of our personality on our interiors as well.

When it comes to interior decoration, natural stones are a favorite of designers and homeowners alike. For centuries, people have been decorating their homes with the help of natural stones such as marble, granite, and sandstone, which are used to construct countertops, feature walls, flooring, and more. This is because natural stones offer a unique combination of exceptional durability and great aesthetic appeal. Moreover, natural stones also add a regal magnificence to the interior space that is unmatched by any other material.

Natural Stones – Customization and Design

While installing natural stones in your interiors is never a bad idea, you must think long and carefully about what type of stones you want in your home and what kind of design you would like to create with them. One option is to go for a customized, designer, natural stone tile installations such as those offered by Stone Impressions.

Patterned and Customized Stone Tiles and Slabs

Would you like to beautify your home with beautiful, varied, and timeless decorative stone tiles? If so, then you should definitely check out the Artisan Series stone tiles manufactured by StoneImpressions and sold by Gramar Stone. Each tile in this range is selected and thoroughly inspected before the start of the production process. This ensures that only the highest quality stone is used to create each decorative tile.

The products have been manufactured in a world-class warehouse located in San Diego, California. The tiles are then distributed across the United States and Canada through sellers such as Gramar Stone. The Artisan deco tiles offered by Gramar Stone are available in present sizes and colors, and are available with a quick production time. The Stone Impressions series provides more customized options, and can be made in accordance with your area specifications. Therefore, you can choose the type of stone, color, size, as well as the design when buying the tiles to be installed in your home.

From Gramar Stone, you can purchase custom, made-to-order stone impression tiles or mural and accent tiles, with custom color, size, layout, images, and murals. A variety of options are also available when it comes to the type of stone that will be used to make the tiles. Carrara, Thassos, Limestone, and Honed Durango are some of the straight edge stone options available. Tumbled edge stone options include Tumbled Durango, Tumbled Light Travertine (unfilled), Tumbled Botticino, and Tumbled Perle Blanc. Clients even have the option of shipping their own, pre-approved materials to the manufacturer, who will then print their mural of choice on their selected stone tiles.

Unique Stone Tile Pattern Collections

Natural stone tiles with stone impressions on the surface bring about an elegance wherever these are installed. Some of the options Gramar Stone offers from the Stone Impression tiles have been listed below.

1. Crescent: These tiles have a pleasantly radial pattern made up of a series of crescents which exemplify how the whole can be more than a sum of its parts. This exquisite and complex design is made with the help of a series of simple parts which constitute translucent gray circles surrounded by a stark filigree. If you want a sleek and modern design for your interiors, then this is the one to go for. Pebble Gray and Gunmetal are two of the colors available for this design.

2. Catalina: This stylish, Spanish inspired design is available in three shades and exudes an old-world charm and refinement. Colors available include Fern, Arctic Blue, and Pecan, and the tiles are made from Carrara marble or Perle Blanc limestone. This complex floral design is a great fit if you have a more traditional interior décor or would like to add a hint of old-world charm to your living space.

3. Avery: This chic and geometric pattern is ideal for homes that have a minimalistic and elegant décor. When ordering this tile, you can choose the scale that works best for your home, with the Grande option having larger and more spread-out design elements while the Petite option has a smaller but denser scale. You can also combine the two for an intricate and unique design. Colors available include Charcoal, Latte, and Sky.

4. Arya: Arya means ‘friend’ in Farsi. This tile offers a warm and inviting floral design available in two distinct colors – Autumn and Bay Blue. Carrara marble and Perle Blanc limestone are the stone types used to make this tile. Visually, the design is intricate, traditional, and conventionally attractive, which makes it perfect for living room feature walls and other types of indoor decoration.

5. Alto: The Alto patterns offer a unique design created entirely from exquisite and innovative line work. Available in various shades of gray, Alto is the tile pattern to choose if you want to go for an austere, elegant, and minimalistic look in your home. The Alto design also features bold lattice compliments and intricate natural lines. It is available in Arctic White stone and Carrara marble.


If the above-mentioned tile designs sound interesting or attractive, then you should check out the Gramar Stone website for the soon to be introduced Artisan series of patterned tiles. Gorgeous and customizable, these tiles from StoneImpressions are exactly what you need to create a beautiful and personalized living space for yourself and your loved ones.

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