9 Simple Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertop Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

The Carrara marble kitchen countertops unarguably is a great addition to your kitchen. Not only are they fairly priced, but they are also bright helping you to amplify your kitchen décor to the fullest. But how will you maintain an everlasting shine on your Carrara countertops through the spills, stains, and years of use? If you don’t want to end up damaging the marble countertop, then you need to be wise with the cleaning and maintenance process. Harsh, chemical-loaded cleaners are not ideal for cleaning and maintaining marble kitchen countertops and you should rethink your choice if you have been using it for long.

Cleaning the Carrara marble countertops is not as difficult as you consider it to be. With the right knowledge and cleaning materials, you can rest assured of having a shiny and spot-free kitchen marble countertop for a lifetime.
Tips to Clean Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertops.

Here is a list of 10 simple cleaning and maintaining tips that will ensure that your Carrara kitchen countertop stays as fresh as new.

1. Get the Marble Countertop Coated with Layers of Sealers

Everyone knows that marble is porous in nature and can easily get stained within seconds. By coating your marble countertop with layers of sealers, you can easily prevent the countertops from staining. Sealers have spill resistant properties which prevent the marble from stains even if some liquid accidentally spills on the kitchen countertop.

2. Clean the Kitchen Countertop Regularly

You might think that daily cleaning is a tedious task. However, it is just the opposite in reality. If you normally use a mild cleaner on a daily basis to remove minor stains from the Carrara marble kitchen countertops, be sure to have a shiny and flawless countertop for a lifetime.

3. Use Non-Acidic Cleaning Products

One of the main elements of marble is calcium carbonate, which is highly sensitive to products having high acidic content in their composition. Whether you clean the kitchen marble countertops regularly or weekly or at any other time, just make sure to avoid using harsh, acidic cleaners as it may degrade the quality of the stone.

4. Use Additional Kitchen Accessories to Protect Your Marble Countertop

Glasses, heat absorbing pads, and placemats are some of the accessories that you can use to protect your kitchen countertop. These accessories will protect your marble kitchen countertop against scratches, stains, and any further damage.

5. Apply the Correct Cleaning Measures

If you wish to keep your Carrara marble kitchen countertop as good as new, then apply appropriate cleaning measures according to the stain type. Light stains can easily be removed with a wipe and water, whereas for rigid stains you will need the help of a non-acidic cleaner.

6. Use Sandpaper for Getting Rid of the Scratches

No matter how hard you try, there are always chances of your kitchen marble countertop getting scratched one way or the other. Instead of using all the wrong and harsh methods to remove the scratch, apply a coarse-grit sandpaper to buff out the scratch in a subtle way.

7. Avoid Applying Wax on Marble Kitchen Countertops for Extra Shine

A lot of homemakers make the mistake of applying wax on their marble kitchen countertops to get a shiny, polished look. However, wax shouldn’t be applied on marble as it can greatly affect the color quotient of the stone slab. Over a period of time, the slab surface will get discolored tarnishing the entire finish and construction of the kitchen marble countertop, making it look absurd. Instead of applying wax it is better to get the marble countertops coated with layers of sealers to prevent staining and discoloration.

8. Don’t Keep Objects with Sharp Edges on Marble Countertops

One of the many things that can make the marble countertop prone to scratches is the casual placing of sharp objects on the countertop. You should never place things like sharp knives, hair-pins, open scissors, gas stoves with sharp edges, utensils, crockery, or any other sharp object on the countertop. It greatly increases the risk of the marble getting scratched. This will not tarnish the look and quality of the marble kitchen countertop but will also make it difficult for you to buff away the scratch.

9. Call a Professional to Remove a Rigid Stain or a Major Scratch

As a homeowner, you can only try your best to keep the Carrara kitchen marble countertop clean and well-maintained. Light stains and scratches can be taken care of by you, but don’t try to fix major damages on your own. You may end up making things even worse that can drastically affect the kitchen countertop. When you feel you are unable to fix the damage, just call a professional who can take care of the situation.

In Conclusion:

Applying the right cleaning measures at the right time will ensure that you have a clean and polished Carrara marble kitchen countertop for a lifetime. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain a beautiful and clean kitchen.

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