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7 Trending Kitchen Designs with Natural Stones for 2018

Natural stones have their own unique designs and textures, which make them a great choice for incorporating into the interior spaces of your kitchen. Kitchen designs that include natural stones are traditional and but also have a modern and contemporary vibe. This is due to their rustic yet sophisticated look, combined with their stylish appearance. Eco-friendly natural stones are sustainable and durable too.

Whether you are building your dream home or renovating your dwelling, to make its interiors long lasting, you will have to incorporate timeless decorative themes in your designs. If you choose a natural stone kitchen interior like a kitchen countertop, it will only make your life easier in the long run. It will not only help in establishing a beautiful-looking kitchen with a sleek finish but also will make kitchen maintenance and care more simple and time-saving.

Here are seven wonderful ways to include natural stones in your kitchen decoration.

1. Kitchen Stone Walls

Stone walls give a contemporary and classy look to your kitchen, apart from keeping the space cool and comfortable. These walls add coziness and durability to your cooking area while requiring low maintenance costs. Attractive stone walls are perfect for a kitchen as this area often suffers from stains caused by food, oil, spices, and other substances.

An ongoing trend of kitchen designs has been to build stone walls in geometric patterns. While introducing this style of kitchen decorative pattern, you can opt for marble inlay in geometric forms as it is very eye-catching and popular. This kind of natural stone application with modern patterns will definitely please you with its overall aesthetic effect on your kitchen. So, contact a stone manufacturer with extensive design experience to get your desired result.

2. Kitchen Stone Countertops

Stone countertops as a part of your kitchen design are the best option for turning your kitchen into an elegant place for cooking. Natural stones offer a lasting beauty to your kitchen countertop, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and durability. Kitchen countertops are places for keeping heavy-weight, high-performance appliances. So, these countertops need to be built with high-quality natural stones like marble, granite, and quartzite to name some.

Granite stone, being one of the stronger natural stones, can be used for kitchen countertops to get high resistance to heat, scratch, and stains. Marble offers a sophisticated appearance to the cooking area. But you should always opt for harder marbles as these marbles are more stain-resistant than others. A quartzite kitchen countertop is a fabulous choice to obtain high-end kitchen interiors. If your preference is durability and low maintenance, then super-hard quartzite can give you a fruitful result. Quartzite is as durable as granite but offers the elegant and luxurious look of marbles.

3. Kitchen Stone Floors

Though kitchen stone floors have been used for years, this type of flooring has not lost popularity even now. Available in a beautiful mix of natural colors, natural stones create gorgeous kitchen floors. Found in wonderful designs, colors, patterns, and shapes, these stones provide your kitchen with timeless beauty and elegance. It enhances the visual aspect of your kitchen design. The texture and rustic appeal of stone flooring give the kitchen floor a solid look. Stone surfacing with hard stone like granite offers the slip-resistant feature. High-quality natural stones are also resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. Moreover, these are cost-effective as there is an infrequent need for replacement in the long run.

Some natural stones are suitable to make the kitchen floor durable and strong. Granite, marble, slate, limestone, and travertine are some of them.

4. Kitchen Stone Backsplash

Natural stone makes for fascinating and eye-catching stone backsplash due to its rich texture and color variation. It goes well with any kind of modular kitchen of any color. Its split face and rough texture make a good contrast with the sleekness and smoothness of the appliances in the kitchen space.

Natural stones that make good backsplash include travertine, marble, quartzite, and onyx.

Stone backsplash has a few advantages over other types of backsplash, which include extreme durability and versatility, a more professional look, minimum cleaning and care requirements, which make for a good match with the kitchen countertop.

5. Kitchen Stone Borders

Natural stones are often used for making borders in the kitchen. This helps in convenient cleaning and also adds to the aesthetic appeal and decor of the kitchen. Natural stone borders can be made on the ceiling or crown molding, at the base of cabinets, on the lower walls, or around doorways. This can be continued all over the house according to your taste.

6. Kitchen Island Decoration

Islands in kitchens add more storage space. These islands can be surrounded with natural stone veneers, which can truly enhance the look of the kitchen. You may build a stunning stone countertop to really match the overall kitchen interior.

7. Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Around the appliances, a casing of stone can be created to get a more natural look. For instance, you can build a supportive shell around the three sides of your refrigerator, grill, and other appliances. The colors and textures should be chosen in such a way that they match with the entire kitchen design perfectly.

Concluding Note

We have seen in this article that there are so many ways to incorporate natural stones in your kitchen decor. Just go for your own preference from the best designs available for getting a fabulous kitchen decor that incorporates natural stones.

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