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5 Unique Bathroom Countertop Ideas Using Marble Slab

Marble is formed of crystallized carbonate minerals and leaves a very appealing finish when incorporated in home décor designs. For millenniums and centuries marble has been an integral part of the interior and exterior structural decorations because of its sheer sophistication and is known for being extensively used in the construction of many famous monuments, like, the Taj Mahal.

Marble is mostly used for flooring, constructing shelves, and kitchen and bathroom countertops. However, there are some classic as well as quirky combinations of marble with other interior décor elements, that can be used to make the bathroom countertop and a visually appealing sight in the home. Let us see what how a marble stone slab, like Carrara Marble, can be fused with other interior décor items to break the monotone and achieve some visually appealing aesthetics for your bathroom countertop.

Here are a few ways of customizing your bathroom countertop using marble slabs if you are planning to design your bathroom.

  • Wooden Cabinets with marble:

Incorporation of wooden cabinets inside a bathroom will never go out of style. However, it is a classy look and will make a unique décor design for bathrooms. Wood and marble is a combination that rarely is unappealing. So wooden cabinets paired with marble countertops will be an amazing choice!

  • Beach Gray Cabinets with White Marble Slabs :

If you want the bathroom to be a heaven of pastel shades, you can try beach gray colored cabinets with white marble slabs for countertops. Gray and white is known to a harmonious blend fand is no exception when it comes to bathrooms.

  • Black and White:

A classy and timeless décor idea, the black and white combination is ideal for you if you want to play safe. Black cabinets with marble bathroom countertops are an example of this color combination. The colors black and white together never fail to amaze mo matter in which part of the house it is used.

  • Concrete Bathroom Floors with Marble Countertops:

The natural, rough finish of concrete bathroom has that imperfect yet a modern context to let the marble fit in beautifully. A deep brown or dark gray wooden cabinets supporting a white marble bathroom countertop would beautifully balance the distressed nature of concrete.

  • Turquoise Floor Tiles and White Marble Cabinets:

A visually appealing combination of turquoise and white is soothing to the eye and is used in many mental health institutions to create a calm environment. Coupled with white marble countertops and white cabinets this combination will represent the ocean and seas and will be a perfect fit for bathroom décor.

In Conclusion

Apart from the above-mentioned bathroom countertop décor ideas, there are still ample options to pick up from. Marble Bathroom countertops  are classy, visually appealing, and stylish at the same time. With intricate surface veining and a wide range of colors, marble stone slabs can add aesthetic appeal to any bathroom.

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