Bathroom Countertops made from Marble: Maintenance and Upkeep

Marble Bathroom Countertop

Nothing quite speaks class like marble! That’s why marble bathroom countertops are one of the most popular choices of homeowners. They not only look great, but offer great functionality too.

Since marble is more delicate than other countertop materials like granite or quartzite, most people use it for bathroom countertops instead of kitchen countertops where it can be more prone to damage. However, even in the bathroom, marble needs care and attention. If you maintain your marble bathroom countertop in proper ways, it will serve you for years and your investment will pay off.

Here are some tips that will help you to maintain the luster and grandeur of your marble bathroom countertops.

Tips to Maintain Marble Bathroom Countertops

1. Use a marble sealer

Marble, like all other natural stones, is a porous material. When used in household essentials like countertops and slabs, marble tends to soak up a lot of liquid and produce stains as a result. That’s why marble slabs and countertops need to be sealed with a stone sealer before they become usable. The marble sealer clogs the pores on the surface and prevents the stone from soaking up liquids. Skipping this step would make your bathroom countertops more vulnerable. You will not only compromise the appearance of the marble slab but will also be responsible for the reduced longevity of your countertops. However, marble sealers wear out with time. For the best results, it is recommended that you use a spray sealant one to two times a year to keep your countertops in the best shape.

2. Dust and mop regularly

Regular dusting and mopping is a great way to maintain your beautiful and precious marble countertops. We recommend that you give your bathroom countertops a nice and thorough dusting at least once every week.

3. Avoid abrasive materials

Don’t use cleaning supplies with corrosive ingredients to clean your bathroom countertops made from marble as they’re not designed for that purpose. Rather, these cleaning products will cause unnecessary damage to the stone slab, which will be visible to any onlooker. Cheap bathroom cleaners and other such domestic supplies should be avoided because they contain corrosive acids and chemicals that can be detrimental to marble slabs.

4. Choose both the cleaner and cleaning device carefully

You should be very careful when you are going to choose bathroom countertops cleaner and the cleaning devices or otherwise, you will have permanently damaged marble countertops. First of all, use branded cleaners that have been specifically designed to be used on marble surfaces. If you opt for harsher substitutes, you must be ready to have permanently discolored marble tiles.

You will be surprised to know that you don’t need any kind of special cleaners for bathroom countertops, rather, mild soap and hot water is enough for making your countertops squeaky clean. And if you want to do some additional care, use distilled or de-ionized water, neutral stone cleaners with pH7.00, white spirit and 2% non-ionic detergent as your go-to marble cleaning which will prolong the life of your marble countertops.

Also for the cleaning device, don’t use any rough items like a scrubber or harsh brushes. Rather, cotton towels dipped in lukewarm water are sufficient. For dry cleaning and dusting, microfiber cloths work well.

5. Keep it free from spills and stains

Marble is prone to catching stains even after using a marble sealant regularly. However, in case of accidental spills, a protective layer of sealant gives you a little more time before the stain becomes permanent. Your long, relaxing bath in the tub with a glass of wine at hand sure feels rewarding, but the spilled wine can ruin your marble easily. Wipe it off as soon as possible. Similarly, other liquid or semi-liquid things that you use in bathrooms, like face packs, hair masks, or any other beauty and bath products should be kept away from coming in contact with your marble bathroom countertops.

6. Prevent contact with sharp objects

Do not use any sharp objects like knives or scissors on the bathroom countertops made from marble. It can easily scratch and dull the surface.

7. Spot treatment

If however, stains do occur, try applying the spot treatment as soon as possible. A 1:2 mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be used for spot treatments. Apply the mixture directly on to the spot. Leave overnight and scrape off gently in the morning. Hopefully, if the spot is not too strong, it will get removed.

8. Keep heat away

Direct contact with heat and fire causes visible spots and damages in marble. If you use candles or incense sticks on bathrooms, make sure the hot wax does not drip over the bathroom countertops, or the candle doesn’t burn out to the extent that the flame comes in contact with the counter surface. Also, if you use hair iron or curler in the bathroom, do not set it directly onto the counter.

In Conclusion

Maintenance of your bathroom countertops made of marble is fairly easy if you know which mistakes to avoid and what products to use. When you are well-informed, it becomes easier to protect your precious marble slab. For easy cleaning and maintenance as well as great durability, you should invest in a high-quality marble slab sold by a reputed natural stone distributor such as Gramar Stone.

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