How to Choose the right slab from your Local Marble Yard?

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When it comes to decorating or refurbishing homes, most people generally go for natural stone slabs to induce a sense of grandeur. If you are a perfectionist like us and are planning to take the road less traveled by selecting the raw materials yourself, sourcing stone slabs from your local stone supplier or dealer is a great idea.

While there are several kinds of natural stones available in the market, one of the most popular natural stones is the marble. This metamorphic rock is one of the oldest natural stones used liberally all throughout history. From the ancient Roman and Greek Empires to the Indian subcontinent, marble was used to create various historical structures that we admire even today.

Marble stone slabs bring a touch of elegance in our homes and give our interiors and outdoors a striking classic look. So, it would be natural to visit a marble yard personally to choose the stone slabs that you would like to install in your home.

Here are some tips to make your visit to the marble yard a successful one:

1. Indoor Marble Yard Vs. Outdoor Marble Yard:

Your local area might have a few marble yards at close proximity. Which one should you choose to visit? Furthermore, does it matter?

Well, it does. Choosing the right marble yard is almost as important as the task of choosing the perfect slabs itself. While making a choice, the most crucial thing to decide is whether to visit an indoor slab yard or an outdoor one. Both of them have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, mostly in terms of lighting.

If you plan to visit an indoor slab yard, naturally, you won’t have to depend on weather conditions or visit at a specific time of the day. Whether it’s raining or sunny, daytime or evening, it won’t affect your schedule much.

If you are visiting an outdoor slab yard, then you must schedule it during the daytime. A cloudy day is better than a sunny day because bright sunlight makes the stone appear paler than it actually is. Also, avoid visiting on or immediately after a rainy day. Natural stones like marble and granite are porous. They soak water and appear a lot darker than they actually are.

2. Plan Ahead:

The one thing that makes every shopping trip successful is planning. Before visiting a marble yard, you must know or have an idea of what you want. If possible, do extensive online research about the same and decide the material, style, finish, color, and everything else beforehand, so that when you visit the yard, you don’t get influenced by the sellers and end up with some slabs that you don’t want. Instead of regretting later, do your homework ahead and save both your time and money.

3. Take your time:

When you are inside your local marble yard, do not hurry. Take your sweet time and then swap your credit cards. If necessary, make two trips, but always review each and every slab minutely. Look for defects and flaws. If you are not satisfied with one, ask for a replacement. Another thing to look for is the measurement. Make sure the slabs fit perfectly where they are intended to.

4. The last word:

Choosing the right slab from your local marble yard is just the 1st part of your project. How you install and use them is perhaps an even bigger question. If you are a layman, you probably won’t be able to install them yourself. Choosing a fabricator and installer is also an important job. Thanks to the era of the Internet, finding such service providers is very easy nowadays. You will get not only the contacts but hopefully, will also be able to find a few online reviews about them.

Read those reviews carefully and make an informed decision. If need be, contact one or two of their old clients and ask for a personal review. You can also get recommendations from your acquaintances that have recently availed such services for themselves.

When you do your part by researching and being knowledgeable, your visit to the local marble yard becomes a successful one. We wish you all the best.

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