Kitchen Countertops: 5 Reasons Why Natural Stone Slabs are the Right Choice

Natural Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to building or remodeling your kitchen, one is spoilt for choice when choosing a material for the countertop. Given the wide range of choices, homeowners often keep their options open across vinyl, natural stones, and other materials. Despite endless styles and designs that other materials may offer, countertops made out of natural stones are always the most preferred. Owing to high durability and great aesthetics, natural stone made kitchen countertops have been in high demand seamlessly, infusing a fresh lease of life to one’s living spaces. Here’s a look at the 5 reasons why natural stones slabs are the perfect choice for kitchen countertops.

5 Reasons why Natural Stones slabs are the Perfect Choice for Kitchen Countertops

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops are unique and attractive

Natural stones like granite, soapstone, and marble remarkably transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Now, the aesthetic value may be subjective for many. But, one can’t help but neglect the tangible response that people form around such materials is always a positive one. No two slabs of natural stone like granite, for instance, are similar. In other words, one can always give shape to a unique design for your kitchen, like nowhere else. Ensure your fabricator to assemble a piece that matches your taste, desire, and budget.

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops are highly durable and eco-friendly

Durability is one of the primary factors for natural stones, as they can easily last a lifetime. Accidental fluid spills, knife scratches, breakouts, or cracks arising out of any external pressure; no matter what, natural stones don’t break or damage easily. Given the fact that there are many kitchen countertops available today that come with easy installation features, they can seldom match the longevity of natural stones.

Moreover, the modern countertops are factory-made stuff combining a range of chemicals like plastics that contribute towards greenhouse gases and are difficult to recycle as well. Comparatively, natural stone kitchen countertops made of quartzite or granite can last for decades, if proper care is taken. Unlike other solid surfaces to the likes of tiles, butcher blocks, and laminate, natural stones can hold on their polish for years and require little maintenance. No matter how quiet or busy your kitchen is, natural stones show little signs of wear and tear even after continuous usage, year after year.

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops can be easily customized

Natural stones are cut specifically to fit into the size of your kitchen countertop. Hence, one can mold them into almost any design or shape according to their desire. So, if you wish to have a kitchen island in the shape of a T or maybe a round one, the fabricator can cut you the specific shape of granite or marble to use. Additionally, their sturdiness makes them the perfect base for preparing meals. Granite, for instance, is extremely durable and is resistant to scratches and heat. Also, one can clean the surface quickly and is quite resistant to bacteria. Just ensure you clean the stone every day after the meal has been prepared.

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops are Low Maintenance

There’s no denying how maintenance and cleaning take up the lion’s share of time in every household. When it comes to cleaning of kitchen countertops, nobody appreciates spending hours lifting marks of fluid spills or other residues. Using natural stone to make kitchen countertops is of great advantage as one can take to daily cleaning easily with the use of a natural stone soap cleaner, which can be purchased at most local home hardware stores.

However, if you want your kitchen countertop to retain its shine and gloss, ensure to keep the dust and debris from accumulating. Also, as a protective measure, one should take to the sealing of granite or marble countertops once every year. Further, one needn’t worry about sanding or refinishing across the surface.

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops have Immense Value

Compared to any other material available in the market, no single kitchen countertop can offer you value for money, like natural stones. Marble, granite, and soapstone are seemingly the favorites and always manage to be in vogue. Timeless and contemporary in equal proportions, natural stones readily usher in an element of luxury to your kitchen. This holds great value when you choose to sell your property as it enhances the asking price before your buyers due to the material value.


Now that you know the benefits of using natural stones, selecting a kitchen countertop should be easy. If you are planning to get one or have already installed a natural stone countertop for your kitchen, drop us a line below and let us know your experience.

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