6 Benefits of Quartz Slabs You Must Know

Quartz Slab benefits

When we think of creating a new kitchen, a bright, shiny countertop or slab comes to mind. If this countertop is not up-to-the-mark, everything in the kitchen radiates a dull, mundane aura. Imagine a dirty, dingy green colored countertop with beautiful white cabinets.

Isn’t it painful to even think of how the wrong countertop can ruin the experience of your newly designed kitchen?

To help you avoid this painful experience, we have prepared a list stating the reasons why you should select a quartz slab for your kitchen. Earlier, most of the homeowners used to purchase granite slabs for their new kitchen. However, this trend is now changing and there is an increasing demand for quartz slabs.

So, why quartz slabs are better? Let’s find out:

6 Amazing Benefits of Quartz Slabs

Quartz slabs are naturally more durable, highly resistant to stains, and beautiful. When you purchase a quartz slab, you are making an investment for the long-term. You can utilize the same kitchen slab for years with different interior designs. This will not only save your costs of interior designing but also help you save the time spent on renovation.

Below we have explained 6 reasons for utilizing quartz slabs. Read more to know:

  1. It’s Hygienic!

How do quartz slabs offer a hygienic environment for your kitchen? Quartz slabs have micro-ban which is hygienic as is offers extended protection against germs.

  1. It’s Non-Porous

When we spill anything on the granite or marble slabs, this spill may leave a stain and you won’t be able to clean the countertop fully. However, in the case of quartz slabs, it is manufactured to be non-porous. It contains 93% quartz and remaining polymers, resins, etc. This means that quartz slabs don’t absorb spills, which indicates that you can clean it easily and there will be no stains. This is also a reason that quartz slabs are considered sanitary because stains and spills don’t settle in the pores of the countertop.

  1. High-Durability

Since quartz slab is made with 93% quartz, it doesn’t have air pockets, cracks, or creeks. Its resin binder is amazingly strong. Both the qualities combined make quartz slabs highly durable.

This type of countertop won’t scratch, break or look dingy with time. While other countertops such as stainless steel and granite may be susceptible to scratches and you may have to remove scratches with different methods, you will rarely find a scratch on quartz slabs.

Additionally, quartz is fully manufactured, thus, it is uniform. So, the color, texture, and pattern of quartz is uniform throughout the slab. Simply put, your quartz slab will look the same even after years of remodeling. Even if you chip off the surface accidentally, due to uniformity, it won’t highlight itself on the countertop.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Quartz slabs are extremely simple to maintain. You only require some soap and clean cloth to wash off your slab. Simply dampen a clean cloth and easily remove the stains with a single wipe. That’s all!

There are no additional requirements because your slab won’t have cracks so you don’t require sealing of cracks. To maintain the shine of the stone, you can opt for stone shining after some time.

  1. Cost-Effective

Engineered quartz slabs are comparatively cost-effective when compared to granite and other materials. If you utilize exotic or other high-quality granite, it can cost you a lot.

If your kitchen is comparably large, this can add to the pricing. This is because granite requires cutting and with a large kitchen, the cutting and finishing requirements of the vendor increase. This increases the price as well. With engineered quartz, you won’t have to face such issues and you would be able to easily find cost-effective pricing.

  1. Attractive Deal

Quartz slabs are manufactured in varying styles and aesthetics. You can choose different countertop colors, styles, patterns, type of finish, and designs. Based on the style and interior design of your kitchen, it would not be hard to find the right quartz slab because there are just so many options.

Quartz has a soothing appeal that will complement all types of décor in your kitchen. Whether you are going for a vintage décor or completely chic style kitchen, quartz slabs will accentuate the look and feel in every case.

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Quartz slab or quartz is not only beneficial for the kitchen but also you can use it as a replacement for granite and marble throughout your home. With quartz, you can maintain a consistent, everlasting look in your house. In the kitchen, you can enjoy additional benefits of quartz slab as explained above.

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