Why Agate Stone Surfaces are Ideal for Your Interiors?

Agate stone for interiors

Whenever you install a natural element in your home, you establish a very personal and deep connection to it. Your appreciation for the beauty in nature is what made you bring home that element to enjoy. Such natural elements can be unique wood, natural stone, or a live edge. One of the most beautiful creations of nature, the agate stone has a luxurious and glamorous look owing to its gemstone quality.

Agate stone is abundantly used in interior home decoration because of its bright appearance, interesting patterns, myriad colors, and expensive looks. This natural stone can be used as a feature wall, a kitchen waterfall island countertop, a bathroom vanity, home flooring, and many more such features.

So, here are 7 places where you can install agate stone in your home.

Agate Stone Surfaces Ideal for a Perfect Home

Agate Fireplaces:

Have a fireplace wall and want to redecorate it to make it the highlight of the home? Agate stone is the best choice. You can use blue agate to cover the entire length of the fireplace and a little bit of the floor. Blue agate stone is colorful, loud, and has a busy pattern, so, its best to keep the surrounding home décor to a minimal. The fireplace wall will be a piece of art to cherish for long.

Given that agate stone blocks do not come in actual width and height of a normal wall size, you will have to put in large blocks together and use them like a jigsaw puzzle pattern. Overall the wall would force people to notice it when they step into the room.

Agate Kitchen Islands:

Kitchens are one of the most visited places in our home and agate stone kitchen countertops is the best way to make a statement. You can use agate either as a countertop slab or in the form of a waterfall for a more dramatic effect. To make it look more beautiful, the agate stone kitchen countertop can be backlit using powerful LED lights. The LED light will only reach about half of the stone layers that are translucent in nature as a result creating a distinctively beautiful mixture of depth, texture, and light.

Agate Feature Walls:

Similar to the fireplace wall, an agate stone feature wall is a great way to decorate your living room. While only the upper strip above the fireplace was replaced with blue agate while decorating the fireplace, here the entire length and width of the wall would be covered with agate stone of your choice. The vibrant patterns agate stone covering an entire wall is quite dominating and beautiful at the same time. You can also use LED lights as backlights once the sun goes down. With the backlights turned on, the wall will look completely different than what it looks like during the day.

Agate Stone Bathroom Vanity:

While agate stone in itself is visually quite arresting, using LED lights for backlighting takes it to another level. Using backlit agate stone as a bathroom vanity is quite popular among homeowners and interior decorators.

While blue agate is the most common and popular choice, several other colors look equally beautiful when backlit with LED lights. For example, instead of blue agate, you can also choose green agate, brown agate, and even white agate with patterns of brown, yellow, and blue spread all over the surface. You can use an agate stone as the bathroom countertop slab or can use it as the base.

Agate Shower Wall:

Agate stone feature walls are not just confined to living rooms and bedrooms but can also be created in the bathrooms as well. Blue agate shower walls are excellent to create a unique looking bathroom. This visually unique shower wall creates a calm ambiance and helps us relax while freshening up. The water-resistance properties of agate also help in protecting the agate stone shower wall.

Agate Stone Flooring:

Apart from walls, agate stone can also be used for flooring at homes. These semi-precious natural stones are durable and would be able to withstand moderate to high traffic. Moreover, it would be visually quite interesting to walk on such colorful and myriad patterns on the floor.

Agate Stone Front Desks:

Agate stone is not just used for residential projects but is also used in commercial space to make it stand out of the crowd. A front desk is the first thing that visitors and potential clients see when they visit an office. Using blue or green agate stone to make the front desk would be a great way to catch eyeballs. However, it is best to keep the surrounding décor stark and simple to ensure that the front desk successfully dominates the space.

In Conclusion:

Agate stone slabs are exotic, visually arresting, and luxurious. They are an excellent choice for residential and commercial projects. Given that agate stone is found in a range of colors and patterns, you would have many options to choose from to create a unique looking home or office.

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