Top Kitchen Countertop Design Trends for 2019

It is quite difficult to feel comfortable and active in your kitchen when the interiors are bland and unattractive. Kitchen countertop is a significant part of the kitchen, that you utilize in preparing dishes and in doing all the tasks related to cooking and serving meals. An outdated and damaged countertop in a kitchen can create an unpleasant interior, where you would not feel the zeal to work.

Considering the multiple utilities and the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen countertop, it is important what material, design, and finish you choose. A countertop should be easy to clean and maintain, durable, resistant to wear and tear, and also not prone to stains. It must have a pleasing look and a durable build. Let us explore the trending countertop designs of 2019 that you will love to incorporate in your home.

Popular Kitchen Countertop Designs in 2019

  • Quartz Countertop

The high demand for quartz kitchen countertops is due to a number of reasons. It is more affordable than most natural stones, as it is a man-made material, and is a non-porous material so regular sealing is not required to keep it in good condition. It is resistant to stains, scratches, and acids, and requires little maintenance, which accounts for its great popularity among homeowners. Added to these, it is an extremely durable material that will not sustain much wear and tear over with time.

Quartz is available in a huge variety of colors, finishes, and patterns and can look quite similar to a natural stone. This material features consistency in color throughout the slab, unlike granite, which displays numerous variations in color on the same slab. There will be no discoloration or fading over time. In recent times matte finish quartz is trending and is preferred by many for their kitchens.

Many prefer to buy quartz countertops because this material has helped in lowering our carbon footprint on the environment. Countertops are manufactured by grinding up and re-utilizing the remains of quartz by adding colors and patches of other materials. This way of re-using leftover stone parts reduces the wastage of this material. This is preferred by many builders, interior decorators, and homeowners who want to acquire quartz countertops.

  • Countertops with Veins and Patterns

Countertops with veining and patterns are the current trend in vogue this year. Nowadays, countertops are available in a variety of patterns and shades. Today, homeowners want a little bit more character in the countertop slabs while choosing one for their homes.

Man-made and engineered stones, such as quartz, are made to resemble natural stones, like marble and granite. So, quartz slabs have veins in distinctive patterns. Installing countertops with veins can add character to your kitchen décor and upgrade the interiors. White or off-white quartz countertops with light multi-tonal grains are one of the most coveted additions to any kitchen, which can provide subtle natural richness to the interiors.

Leathered and honed finishes of countertops are highly favored now, as they provide durability, which is what a kitchen needs the most, apart from transforming the look of the space. These diverse finishes complement the other kitchen elements perfectly, like the walls, flooring, backsplash, and cabinetry.

  • Soft Neutral Tones for Countertops

Incorporating subtle, neutral shades is a common theme in the current home décor trends. The bright and vivid hues are losing popularity, and shades such as soft gray, beige, and white are taking their place in 2019.

Installing a beige, or gray-and-beige kitchen countertop, and matching it with a ceiling-high mosaic backsplash can create a unique décor in your kitchen space. Homeowners can try out some other shades for their quartz countertop, like light blue and dull brown, and even off-white, and ash gray.

These natural shades look best in natural lighting. As a consequence, large windows, folding glass door wall systems, and skylights are regularly used in kitchens today. It creates a bright and airy looking kitchen area.

  • Honed and Leathered Countertops

Honed and leathered finishes are very popular kitchen countertop finishes in modern times. These textures can be used and implemented on various materials, like granite and quartz. Honed finish offers a matte appearance, resulting in smooth surface with a soft, satiny feel. Honed countertop surfaces are not gleamy like the polished ones, but they redistribute sunlight and bring about an additional charm in the kitchen ambiance. This particular finish provides a more natural look to the countertop slab and helps disguise scratches and abrasions, unlike polished surfaces.

Leathered or brushed finish is the latest countertop finish that reveals the natural characteristics of a stone. This finish is applied to a honed surface, which gives a soft sheen, and less glossy look that resembles that of leather. This finish does not reflect any light, and creates a more natural and rustic look for the stone. Leathered finish is ideal for retaining the color of the countertop, providing resistance against stains and spills, and concealing any imperfections.

Concluding Note

From the above-mentioned variety of options for kitchen countertops, choose the one that will suit your needs and aesthetic preferences perfectly. You must, however, do the necessary research before picking the right material, finish, and color to get your dream countertop this year.

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