Honed, Polished, or Leather Finish Stone – Which One Should You Choose?

Mascalzone Leathered finish stone

The new year is seeing more and more homeowners and interior decorators gravitating towards tactile and textured finishes. From cushions to countertops, hardwood flooring to crushed velvet, the texture is becoming more and more prominent when it came to home décor and design.

While polished stone surfaces are still the most favored choice, many are opting for honed and leather finish stones to give their kitchens and bathrooms a completely different look. Marble stone slabs are mostly desired with honed finishes as the slab surfaces develop a patina over time. The absence of a polished surface will help the patina formation right from the outset.

Leather finish, on the other hand, lends a completely different feel and look to the stone and is also easy to maintain as water stains, fingerprints, and crumbs are less conspicuous on a leather finish stone surface. So, for busy homeowners who do not get much time for regular cleaning, leather finish stone surfaces are the best choice.

Polished surfaces contrast beautifully with the shine of the wooden cabinets and help balance the overall look of the kitchen.

The type of finish you select has the power to change the feel and look of the whole space and can also affect the maintenance cost of the kitchen. So, we will explore in detail all the three finishes – honed, polished, and leather – to understand which one suits your requirements the best in terms of functionality and visual appeal.

Polished Finish Stone Surfaces:

Polished finishes, as the name suggests, lend a glossy look to the stone surface and help highlight its color and vibrance. A polished finish makes the stone surface shiny, smooth, and mirror-like. Once the finish is applied, the color of the stone surface will appear richer and slightly darker than usual.

The polished finish is mostly used on wall-claddings, kitchen and bathroom countertops, vanities, table tops, and reception areas. However, this finish is not at all recommended for flooring due to its slippery texture. It is best to check with the fabricator if the stone of your choice can be given a high gloss look, as not all stones can be given a polished finish.

Leather Finish Stone Surfaces:

While honed and polished finishes have been in the market for quite a while now, leather finish stones are relatively new in the market and have become quite popular over the last few years. Leather finishes are mostly applied on dark-hued granites, but can also be found on light colored quartzites as well, and they lend a textured look to the surface while retaining the stone’s natural color.

While the leather finish does come with a subtle and soft sheen, it is much less pronounced than the glossy and shiny look of a polished stone surface. Leather finishes hide water spots, fingerprints, and smudges pretty well and are mostly used for sealing stone slabs purchased for outdoor applications.

The many advantages of leather finish stone have been listed below:

Superior Style:

Leathered stone finishes give the surface a rustic look with an uneven texture. This rustic and traditional look complements traditional kitchen décor really well and makes the space look aesthetically appealing.

Unique Texture:

As stated at the beginning of the article, textured finishes are gaining immense popularity among homeowners and interior designers. The leather finish lends a unique texture to the stone surface, which looks visually rough but feels smooth when touched. This unique texture, that creates an illusion of roughness, gives a refreshed feel and character to the space.

Many Color Options:

Leathered (a.k.a. “brushed”) finished stones are becoming more widely available on the market, and many suppliers are experimenting with leathering different colors and types of stones. In addition, many stones that are purchased in polished finish can also have the polish finish removed, and add the leathered texture prior to fabrication and installation. This can be done by experienced fabricators, or by third party companies who specialize in refinishing stones.

Honed Stone Surfaces:

Honed stone surfaces sport a smooth looking surface with little or no shine. The look depends on the type of stone the finish has been applied to. So, a honed stone surface can sport matte appearance and can also give off a subtle sheen. However, the honed finish can make the surface look a little “grayed out”, especially if it is applied on dark colored stones.

Unlike polished finishes, honed surfaces need to be sealed more often. However, due to the matte appearance, it is easy to hide the flaws. This finish an be used anywhere including stairs, flooring, table tops, wall coverings, and more.

In Conclusion:

Before you choose the ideal finish for your stone slabs, remember that it will directly affect the richness and depth of the stone surface. Therefore, be sure to choose the one that meets your requirements the best and complements the overall look and décor of the space.

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