Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Look Out for in 2019

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 2019

If you are looking for some great ideas on bathroom remodeling, then here are some brilliant ones shared for making your task easier this coming year. With a little planning and with our innovative bathroom remodeling ideas, you can give your washroom design a boost. There are different bathroom design trends to be considered in 2019 like the use of natural stones, vintage decor, water spaces, hi-tech bathroom and much more.

So, when you are thinking about renovating your bathing area, the following list is sure to incite some creativity in you.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2019

1. Clean and Original Styled Bathroom

A simplified and refined bathroom is the trend of the coming year, and this type of design goes well with the functions of the area. A bathroom with a clean look along with warmer tones is a contemporary fashion trend. Using earthy hues, gray, and shades of white in a bathroom gives the desired clean look. A pop of color or patterned tiles can also be added for a more modern and vibrant look in your bathroom. A simplified bathroom décor gives a soothing effect on the eyes, and allows you to ward off your day’s worries and anxieties for some time while you enjoy a hot shower.

2. Using Natural Stone

Despite the availability of many trendy materials that can be used in bathrooms, there are good reasons to choose natural stone in 2019, which will never go out of style. One of the healthier options to consider, these stones are perfect for high humidity and maximum traffic areas like bathrooms. These materials are easy to clean and do not retain dirt or debris like other materials, and have many more advantages. Discussed below are some potential benefits offered by the elegant-looking natural stones.

  • Eco-Friendly

Natural stones are devoid of harmful chemicals or toxins that contribute to greenhouse gases. These stones do not require other substances or resources for the manufacturing process, as they are created by nature. They are moreover found in abundance with distinctive veining, colors, textures, shapes, and characteristics, which makes each stone slab unique. This varying appearance is due to the geological change and mineral composition, taking place over a period of millions of years. On incorporating natural stones into your bathroom, you can rest assured that your interiors will be healthy and eco-friendly.

  • Increases Value of the Bathroom

It would be a great idea to install natural stone in your bathroom interior to add a hint of style and glamor to your existing washroom, thereby adding value to it. This significant boost in the value of your bathroom would facilitate you when you decide to sell your house or rent it to tenants.

  • Durable and Long Lasting

Bathroom accessories are exposed to various extraneous elements like dust, heat, moisture, and water. That means this high-traffic area should be hard-wearing, resistant to wear and tear and made from high-quality materials. Incorporating natural stones in the bathroom design ensures lower need of replacement or repair for many decades, depending upon their maintenance level. Generally, with proper care, these natural stones would remain unaltered in your bathroom, retaining their beauty and polish. Stones like granite and travertine can meet the demands of the busiest bathrooms without much wear and tear. These stones are scratch and heat proof, and are also bacteria-resistant, making for a sanitary surface.

  • Easy Maintenance

The natural stones need little by way of maintenance and cleaning to preserve their beauty. A little care with stone-safe, mild cleaners can be used to keep them free of dirt and stains. Moreover, regular sealing of the stone surface can provide maximum protection and cleanliness, thereby increasing the longevity of these stones.

3. Making Use of Asymmetrical Accessories

One of the hottest trends of bathroom remodeling is including accessories of unique patterns on the walls or floors. You can try new bathroom furnishings, mirrors and arrangement of cabinets, shelves, and drawers with asymmetrical or geometric shapes, which are becoming the latest fashion in interior designing. This style should not be overused to ensure that the interior décor does not become monotonous. The use of such asymmetrical designs should be kept moderate or can be emphasized on easy-to-replace accessories.

4. Incorporating Statement Tiles

The latest trend in the world of bathroom tiles is using bold colors and patterned tiles instead of the ones with neutral or light shades. Known as statement tiles, these create an excellent focal point in the room where they are incorporated. You can experiment with varied designed tiles, marble mosaics and honeycomb tiles in various patterns, colors, designs and more. You can choose the type of tile that best suits your personal choices and preferences.

It is possible to create a cohesive design by matching the colors of the floor and the shower. The statement tiles can be effectively used in bathroom remodeling by installing them on walls and floors to create a visual spectacle in the space. A contrasting color can be used that accentuates your bathroom interior color palette.

Before incorporating the statement tiles you must consider a theme for the whole washroom interior and then choose the ideal color for that theme. It is best to use a neutral shade on the walls if statement tiles are chosen for the flooring. While opting for these beautiful tiles for the walls only these can be put on a single side of the wall.

5. Making Water Space

Keeping the bathtub and shower in the same area of the bathroom or creating a water space is another trend that will reach the height of popularity 2019. This concept makes the washroom look much bigger than it is and has a single glass divider designed with golden or dark tones. This barrier separates the water space from the remaining part of the bathroom. This gives the bathroom a luxurious and spa-like appearance, making your rejuvenating shower more enjoyable.

6. Use of Technology

Another most striking concept in bathroom remodeling is infusing the latest technology into your shower area. Motion detecting faucets, mirrors with in-built LED lights, and automatic temperature regulators are increasingly used. Added to these, mirror-integrated touchscreens, light control, weather forecast display, or other technological innovations and devices are the latest inclusions in the bathroom space. Innovative heated towel racks are used these days to dry towels and keep them warm, and also for warming up the bathroom.


You must have some great ideas by now for your bathroom-remodeling project. An innovative, beautiful and updated bathroom will add a new and enjoyable feature to your home. It will add some new vibes to the overall décor of your home.

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