Buying Granite Slabs Made Easy in Seven Steps

Granite Slabs Buying Tips

Granite is one of the most popular materials used for making bathroom and kitchen countertops. This natural stone creates an aura of sophistication and style, regardless of the finish chosen, making it perfect for any style of home interior décor. Undoubtedly, it is highly appreciated and desired by most homeowners and interior decorators, and can increase the value of any style home.

Granite is widely available in the form of slabs and tiles. Granite slabs and tiles find use as kitchen or bathroom countertops, vanities, or bar tops. Moreover, granite is also used for constructing floors, window sills, fireplace surrounds, and in endless other ways for remodeling projects and interior decoration.

Available in a variety of colors and designs, this natural stone can provide buyers with multiple options to choose from. This can be quite intimidating to them and may confuse them to the utmost, especially for those who are first time buyers.

Introduction to Granite and Its Characteristic Features

Granite is a type of igneous rock formed millions of years ago. It is one of the oldest stones found on earth, comprised of quartz, feldspar, and mica. The most abundant rock on earth, feldspar is found in the form of white mineral grains scattered throughout the granite. Quartz is light gray in color with glass-like veins, whereas, black mica is present as the flake-like veins on granite.


Being crystalline in structure, granite has small spaces between different mineral crystals. There are also natural fissures that look like cracks on the stone, which do not affect its durability and usability.

A granite slab is usually anywhere between seven to nine feet long and four to six feet wide. Granite can be purchased in many finish options, however the most common finish being polished. When properly maintained, granite can retain its luster and aesthetic appeal for many years, and can also be repolished occasionally by a professional, if needed.

7 Simple Steps to be Followed While Purchasing Granite Slabs

The following seven steps should be considered before buying granite slabs.

1. Pay a Visit to a Reputed Granite Showroom

When you intend to buy granite slabs, the foremost thing to do is to visit an established showroom where you can get multiple variants. The professionals in the showroom will assist you in choosing the best granite for your project. You can bring pictures of the room that you need to refurbish, paint samples of the walls, and samples of the cabinets to see which granite slabs match best with your decor.

2. Carry Granite Samples to Your Home

When you have shortlisted the suitable granite slabs for your project, get a sample of each one if possible. Carry them home and make a live demonstration by placing each sample in the desired area. In this way, you can see in a better way which granite sample blends well with the overall hues of the room.

3. Choose Good Quality Granite

Before buying and installing a granite slab in your home, make sure that the natural stone you’re purchasing is of excellent quality. To ensure this, you should always have your fabricator to the final inspection on the slabs prior to purchasing. Your fabricator will be the one working with the stone and usually has a professional eye that will spot anything that the untrained eye cannot, and can reassure you of any concerns you may have.

4. Choose the Granite Stone According to Suitability

There are certain things to be considered before making the ultimate choice of your granite slabs.

  • Functionality

At first, you have to think where you want to incorporate granite slabs in your home. If you are choosing granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, then consider the functional requirements of those areas. If these places are going to be highly busy areas, then consider the durability, stain-resistance, and low maintenance features of the granite stone that would make it perfect for a high-traffic area.

  • Style

Next, consider the look, shade, and texture of the granite slab, which must suit your taste and the overall décor of your home. For example, the shade and style of the granite countertop should blend well with the cabinetry, and the bright and striking colors of the granite and the seamless appearance of the stone should enhance the overall beauty and elegance of the room. The granite’s edges, its patterns, and its thickness are other features that need your attention and consideration.

  • Your Budget

Choose the granite slab that does not exceed your budget. You can ask the showroom professional to show you high-quality granite slabs that can be bought at an affordable rate. From the given choices, you must pick up those slabs that are perfect for your house, and are also pocket-friendly.

5. Get a Quotation

In the next step, ask for a quotation from the granite supplier for the number of slabs needed, as well as an installation quote from your fabricator. Having all the necessary details, they can each offer you an estimate to help you understand the approximate expenditure that will be required for buying granite.

6. Analyze and Assess All Your Options

Before purchasing the suitable granite slabs, review and assess everything related to this purchase. Consider all the facts that you have gathered, and then take the final decision.

7. Sign an Agreement

At this step, you are finalizing your deal and making the purchase. Before signing, you should always review the agreement. In case of any doubts, ask for clarifications first and then sign the agreement. If any advance deposit is required, then make the payment only after you are sure of all the minute details of the deal.

Concluding Note

Following the aforementioned steps will not only enable you to buy the appropriate granite slabs, but may also prevent major problems in the future. With added knowledge about this natural stone and about how to make the right choice of granite, your next projects or home improvement decisions will be made with ease.

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