Agate Stone Slabs – Semi Precious Stone for Your Home Decor

Agate Slab for Home Decor

Interior designing, similar to the fashion industry, is not at all stagnant and constantly sees an influx and exodus of design and style trends. What was in vogue yesterday, might be considered outdated tomorrow. Furthermore, new materials are also used to bring originality to the industry as well as to create a new trend and style.

The latest entrant in the interior designing industry is natural agate stone slabs. These multi-hued, semi-precious, natural stones are beautiful and are the current favorite of homeowners, architects, as well as interior designers. The popularity of agate can be attributed to the wide range of patterns and colors of the stone available while also being translucent.

Formation of the Agate Stone Slabs

Agate stone is basically crystallized quartz containing concentric layers of chalcedony. This semi-precious stone slab is found in a range of textures and colors. When the cavity in the host rock is filled up, the agate stone is formed. This is why these stones are found in the shape of round nodules containing concentric layers similar to the rings found on a tree trunk. What makes agate slabs popular is their fine texture and bright colors that are amplified with backlighting. Agate stones are weather resistant and can remain in the soil in the form of nodules or can also be found in the form of gravel along streams and shorelines.

Agate stone slabs can vary extensively in terms of size and color. For example, Cyclops agate stone slabs found in Mexico comes with a single eye. Limb cast agate, on the other hand, is formed when quartz fillings are deposited in a void created through the decomposition of vegetative materials. Dendritic agate slabs, as implied by the name, form fern-like patterns due to the presence of manganese and iron oxides. There are many other types of agate stone slabs like Blue Agate stone slabs, Agatized Coral, White Agate, and many more.

Agate Stone Slabs for Home Decor

Owing to the uniqueness and translucency, many homeowners are now more than eager to install Agate stone slabs in their home. It also helps that Agate stone slabs are quite a beautiful sight to behold. Here are six ways in which you can incorporate Agate slabs in your home.

1. Blue Agate for Fireplace Wall:

Imagine the mellow light of the shimmering flames from the fireplace falling on the beautiful fireplace wall made from blue agate stone, making the iridescent blue colors dance to its tunes. The tranquility of the blue colors and the fiery flames is a pair of the opposites. The scene is too visually compelling to imagine but quite easy to own. In case you opt for a busy or intricate pattern on the Blue Agate stone, keep the décor on the surrounding wall to a bare minimum. The Blue agate stone slab is visually quite loud with lots of movement and color. So, it is a good idea to not counter it with anything else.

2. Agate Stone Kitchen Islands:

A kitchen island made from agate stone slabs is quite a way to make a statement and stand out. The visually enchanting agate stone captures your attention from the moment you see it, pushing all other elements of the room aside. If you want to bring out the subtle shades and textures in the stone slab, install strong LED backlights so that it can light up the dense stone from the inside. With the help of sufficient backlight, the translucent stone will light up, creating a unique and beautiful mix of depth, color, and texture.

3. Agate Stone Bathroom Countertops:

Similar to kitchen islands, LED-backlit bathroom countertops made of agate are a sight to behold and can single-handedly enhance the beauty of the space. While Blue Agate is one of the most popular choices for constructing bathroom countertops, agate slabs in other colors can also be installed for achieving an interesting and unique look. Agate stone with hints of yellow and dark brown as the primary hues can be used to create an animal-print pattern for your countertop.

4. Agate Stone Shower Wall:

Did you know that agate slabs are usable in areas with water? Thanks to its water resistance, it is also used in creating visually arresting shower walls without damaging the slab surface. An agate stone shower wall can help you shower in a peaceful and calming environment.

5. Agate Stone Bars

One of the most common areas that people use agate stone slabs tend to be for bars. Whether you just use it for the bar top or wrap it around the whole bar, it will complement the happy hour destination with a look that resembles the good times to come. Light fixtures will bring more attention to this area if that is a direction you are keen to take.

6. Agate Stone Front Desks

Agate stone slabs are a favorite when it comes to commercial use. If you are looking to catch the eye of your clients, then having a bright agate stone front desk right when they walk in will definitely do just that. Lighting, again, is recommended to not only catch their eye but keep them from being able to look away.

In Conclusion:

Agate Stone slabs are luxurious, visually enticing, and exotic, all at the same time. They are an excellent choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, bars, and feature walls. Moreover, the variety of colors and textures found in agate stones will allow you to enhance your interior décor and create a unique looking home.

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