6 Marvelous Uses of Marble Mosaic Tiles to Create a Unique Looking Bathroom

marble mosaic bathroom tile

Marble is one of the most common stone slabs used in construction projects. For decades, marble has been used for the construction of buildings and monuments, as this naturally forming stone is a rare combination of beauty, purity, and represents timeless elegance. Marble is naturally formed through the re-crystallization and metamorphosis of the carbonate crystals present in dolomite and calcite. As marble is a product of nature, no two marble stone slabs are ever alike. While from a distance, two marble stone slabs might look identical, on close inspection, the differences will come to light.

What are Marble Mosaic Tiles?

We humans can never have enough of nature’s beauty and tend to always crave more. While marble in itself is a product of nature, marble mosaic tiles are man-made creations, where different marble stones are cuts in accurate geometrical shapes and pieced together to create beautiful patterns. So, instead of a large marble stone slab, marble mosaic tiles are an amalgamation of different marble stones. Marble mosaics are visually very attractive due to the combination of various types of marble. Incorporating marble mosaic tiles in your bathroom will give the overall space a unique and classy look when compared to the usage of a single marble stone slab, which is quite common.

How are Marble Mosaics Created?

Marble mosaics are manufactured by cutting the marble into small squares, rectangles, or other interesting shapes and connecting them with specifically made glue or mortar. This is just one of the many techniques used to create marble mosaics. Once the smaller pieces are cut and the pattern decided upon, it does not take much time to create marble mosaics.

Benefits of Installing Marble Mosaics in the Bathroom:

Contrary to popular belief, marble mosaics have numerous applications in any space of the house, due to their unique aesthetic appeal. As they are a combination of different marbles, the overall appeal of marble mosaics can be quite unique. Marble mosaic tiles can be created using shades of ivory and white or bolder colors of brown, green, and red. Here are some of the ways in which it can be incorporated in a bathroom:

  • The myriad colors of marble mosaic tiles can make your small shower space colorful and vibrant.
  • Marble Mosaics can be effectively used to border large bathtubs. This can give a unique and remarkable visual appeal to the bathroom space.
  • The strong aesthetics of marble mosaic tiles can be used as accents around bathroom windows and sinks.
  • Marble Mosaic tiles of neutral tones can be used for bathroom flooring.

4 Design Tips for Using Marble Mosaics in the Bathroom


Let go of your drab bathroom backsplash and install some visually appealing marble mosaic tiles to turn your nondescript shower area into an attractive and resplendent one. Installing marble mosaics as bathroom backsplash is an excellent way of brightening the overall look of the space. Try to opt for marble mosaic tiles with edgy patterns and shapes so as to draw attention to the sink and bathroom countertops.

Feature Walls:

If you feel that covering all the bathroom walls with marble mosaics is a bit too much, then creating a feature wall is just the thing you need. Out of the four bathroom walls, decorate only one with beautiful marble mosaic tiles to create an alluring asymmetry. The feature wall displaying the beautiful geometric patterns of marble mosaic tiles will not only look visually appealing, but set your bathroom apart in terms of interior styling as well.

Hexagonal Marble Mosaic Tiles:

Square and rectangle-shaped marble mosaics are quite common. Hexagonal tiles, on the other hand, are not seen in bathrooms as often, which makes it a rare choice. This geometric format is much loved by all interior designers and home owners who like to tread down a different path and be unique in their interior design choice. Hexagon-shaped marble mosaics are available in different sizes and can be used to create an elegant and modern-looking bathroom.

Mix and Match Marble Mosaics:

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to showcasing creativity. The same can be applied while designing your bathroom. To bring diversity to the shower space, many interior designers and home-owners are bringing in the mix and match concept while installing stone slabs in their shower space. Most of the space in a bathroom is occupied by the walls and the flooring. Unlike the kitchen, bathroom walls are usually bare, providing for a great amount of blank space for the designers to work with.

To create a dramatic look, many designers are now installing marble mosaics of different shapes and colors on the walls and floors of the bathroom. For example, if the bathroom walls sport square marble mosaics featuring bold hues, then the flooring can be made from hexagon-shaped mosaic tiles displaying muted colors, to maintain a balance. With a wide variety of mosaic tiles available in the market, be sure to choose ones that complement each other in order to design a beautiful shower space.

In Conclusion:

Installing marble mosaic tiles is an excellent way of creating a stylish bathroom. Marble mosaics can be a perfect addition to all types of home décor as they help in bringing out the vibrancy and beauty of the bathroom space.

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