Kitchen Islands: A Beautiful Amalgamation of Utility and Style in Kitchen Design

Kitchen Islands

When planning a kitchen remodel, there are many aspects to consider, including issues with storage, function, and arrangement. If space allows, the incorporation of an island not only solves all these issues, but if designed properly, can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. There are multiple styles, designs, and customizations to choose from when you plan to include utility-maximizing kitchen islands.

Now, what is a kitchen island? It is a kind of freestanding kitchen fixture that acts as an adjunct to the countertop space. It is a necessary and functional inclusion to many kitchens. There is an incredible scope for you to display your personal preferences and aesthetic style when you choose the design of your kitchen island.

Many of us may still ponder the exact purpose of an island in a kitchen. A vivid idea of the benefits of this utility-based structure can help answer your doubts.

5 Key Benefits of Kitchen Islands

  • Additional Storage Area

Kitchen islands come in handy, especially when your kitchen has insufficient storage space. You can choose from the wide range of island designs that include additional pull out drawers, roll-out shelves, trays, and cabinets. If you don’t have adequate place in your kitchen to keep your recycling bin, then you can keep a space for that purpose in your kitchen island. The space underneath a kitchen island can also be utilized to insert cabinets or shelves.

  • Extra Seating Arrangement

Have you ever felt a dearth of seating space in your kitchen, especially for your kids? Then be sure to include an island in your kitchen design to create a casual seating place. If you have small kids, you may want to keep the younger ones in front of your eyes or help them eat meals while you finish up your kitchen chores. Furthermore, it can act as an entertainment area, where your family or guests can gather to socialize while you complete your culinary tasks. A seating arrangement can be obtained by adding a small extension to one or more of the ends of your island, or by adding a complete table extension where room allows.

  • Space for Additional Kitchen Appliances and Outlets

Kitchen islands can serve as an add-on space for your extra cooking appliances, like a heating range or a coffee machine that you plan to buy. You can hook up electricity, gas, and plumbing to a kitchen island to make the island more functional. Adding an electrical outlet will enable you to operate the cooking appliances on your kitchen island. You can even install a dishwasher or oven beneath the countertop.

  • Customize Kitchen Space with a Portable Kitchen Island

It is possible to make extra space in a kitchen by installing a movable kitchen island. When you want more kitchen floor space to prepare meals for your guests, with a few more people to assist you in the whole process, this portable island can serve your purpose. You can simply roll your kitchen island to one corner, and each person can take up a section of the kitchen to prepare the meals. These mobile kitchen islands are ideal, especially for smaller kitchens, where extra space might be required from time to time.

  • Increases the Value of Your Home

As it serves as an additional storage space and counter space, a kitchen island can increase your home’s resale value. Instead of having a typical kitchen, incorporating a kitchen island, or two when space permits, can infuse a special appeal to your kitchen design and make great use of extra space.

Multifarious Styles and Suitable Materials of Kitchen Islands

  • Natural Stone Kitchen Islands For a Bold Look

Apart from providing great durability, granite or quartzite kitchen islands offer an appealing and striking look to the entire kitchen. As one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners, these natural materials offer an air of luxury to a kitchen that elevates the design of your kitchen to a new level. A current design trend is for homeowners to use a bold, striking selection of natural stone on the island, and then mixing it with a cleaner, simpler option for the main or perimeter counters. This gives your kitchen the stunning, bold look of a centerpiece, while keeping the rest clean and minimal.

Both Quartzite and Granite stand up well to regular wear and tear, and are also more heat resistant than other natural stones, such as marble or dolomite. Maintaining these types of kitchen islands is made simple with regular wiping up of stains, especially, oil, acid, soda, and wine can provide higher longevity, as well as periodically sealing to help resist stains during everyday use.

  • Waterfall Edges for Kitchen Islands

An increasingly popular detail with islands is adding a waterfall edge down the ends, gives a striking visual appeal to your kitchen island. As the name implies, island materials extend over and down the side edges of your island, creating a vertical expanse of solid surface, such as granite, quartzite, or quartz, down to the floor. This look blends well with any kind of kitchen design, but lends itself especially well to the more modern or contemporary kitchen. The luxurious appeal of the waterfall edges, in combination with skilled craftsmanship, yields a result that is worth the investment.

  • Beautiful Agate Blue Countertop

There is a wide array of exquisite and unique style options for kitchen islands, among which the semi-precious agate stone slabs could be considered for a more dramatic kitchen. If you want the most unique and special kind of kitchen island, then consider semi-precious agate blue for its distinctive look. With beautiful hues of blue, gray, brown and green, these luxurious slabs are a fusion of circular and irregular agate natural quartz that are exquisitely translucent by nature. The Agate Blue semi-precious stone lends a lavish focal point to the place in which it is installed, while also adding color and sparkle to your kitchen, brightening dark spaces, and offering a visual appeal to a light colored kitchen.

In Conclusion

A kitchen island is a perfect combination of aesthetics and utility. It definitely increases the functionality of a kitchen design, offering everything from storage options to additional seating space. Any homeowner will just love to add this versatile structure to their kitchens to give an attractive appearance to their homes. Now, you have a lot of style options for your kitchen island, install it during your kitchen remodeling and enjoy the change in your home ambiance.


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