7 Reasons to Opt for Countertops Made from Quartzite Slabs

The countertop is the most essential element of a successful kitchen that ensures you to accomplish the cooking and meal preparation activities without any hassle. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen space, elevating the aesthetic appeal to a great extent. If you are considering constructing a kitchen, you must undertake intense research on the topic of kitchen decor. There are numerous options for countertops that can add an unmatched elegance to your cooking space. One of the most popular options is kitchen countertops made of quartzite slabs. These are the best countertops you will find, that can include functionality and elegance in your kitchen.

Why Select Quartzite Slabs for Your Kitchen Countertop?

There are various designers who have their unique style of decoration. However, they stand on a common platform and share the same opinion where quartzite slabs are concerned. Let us check out the seven reasons due to which a majority of people prefer the aforementioned countertop over all other options:

1. Durability-

This is one of the most important attributes to be considered when selecting the perfect kitchen countertop. Quartzite is a more durable choice than granite in spite of the fact that both have similar properties. Though both granite and quartzite are natural, hard, and elegant, it takes an expert to understand the true potential of the stones. Quartzite is less porous and denser than granite, which makes it more durable.

2. Appearance-

Most quartzite countertops look like marble, which adds to their aesthetic appeal. If you are seeking a luxurious and elegant marble appearance without the risks of marble, nothing can beat the perks offered by quartzite slab countertops. In fact, it is a better option than marble as it cannot be scratched or chipped easily. You can opt for Calacata Quartzite if seeking the appearance of the Calacatta marble, which is a white slab with gray veins.You can opt for Calacata Quartzite if seeking the appearance of the Calacatta marble, which is a white slab with gray veins.

3. Singularity-

Quartz and quartzite are not the same material even if they sound alike. Quartz is a sturdy man-made material created with ground quartz assimilated with polymers and resin. However, quartzite is a natural stone formed when sand within the earth is heated and compressed. You can give your kitchen an unparalleled appeal with the denser and harder quartzite countertop. Though it is made from a similar substrate of marble, quartzite is harder as it is older and needs more pressure and temperature to form.

4. Pocket-Friendly-

This is the criterion which drives the decision-making process of most people. Wooden and plastic laminate countertops are more affordable than this natural stone. However, the cost-effective alternatives fail to give your kitchen the naturally stunning appeal you are seeking. Quartzite slabs are not as expensive as Calacata marble countertops, yet they offer similar benefits, appearance, and greater durability. It also doesn’t demand high maintenance costs, which makes the natural stone highly desirable and more popular than any other option.

5. Ease of Cleaning-

Sealing is typically applied to protect against stains and to enhance the color. Quartzite slabs are easily cleaned with the help of a soft cloth accompanied with warm water and some mild detergent. This offers a stable support, cleanliness, hygiene, and greater durability. You must avoid using any harsh chemicals on the countertop in order to maintain the original sheen of the stone and improve longevity.

6. Colors-

Since this material is a natural stone, the color options can vary when compared to the man-made alternatives. However, that doesn’t deprive you of the pleasure of embellishing your kitchen in the way you want. The typical color choices of quartzite countertops are white and cream, which is a result of the heat and pressure of the sand. Sometimes, a tinge of beige is combined with this color tone. Green hues, brown, gray, red, and blue are also available due to the minerals inherent in the stone. Once you decide on the color of the countertop, you can contrast the rest of the elements of your kitchen to add vibrancy to space.

7. Timeless-

Due to the natural beauty and durability of quartzite slabs, this countertop is one of the most timeless options you will find in the market. This also ensures that your kitchen remains trendy and fashionable despite the passage of time. The surface of quartzite countertops will give you the toughest foundation on which to accomplish the cooking chores on a daily basis.

Deciding on an Option

When remodeling a kitchen or constructing a new one, countertops play a very essential role. In order to get the most out of your investment while elevating the overall appearance of your home, it is essential to choose every item carefully. Quartzite slabs can seamlessly improve the appearance of your kitchen, giving it a timeless appeal. Check out the various kinds of quartzite countertops available in the market, to get your hands on the most suitable color.

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