How to Plan the Right Edges for Granite Countertops?

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then you must have spent a whole lot of time in finding the best countertop material for your kitchen. Granite, being a beautiful and sturdy material becomes the choice of many individuals as they fall in love with the benefits the material has to offer. But does your work end at simply finding the perfect kitchen countertop material? Certainly not! After selecting the material, you need to decide on the type of edges you want that goes perfectly with your kitchen décor and ambiance. Thankfully, a lot of variations are available with respect to the edges of a granite countertop that are sure to meet your requirements and give you the kitchen of your dreams.

You can consider choosing anyone of the below-mentioned edge profiles for a granite countertop:

Straight Edges

The straight edges go perfectly with a kitchen having a minimalistic clean design. Straight edges are not totally flat and they bend at a right angle to make the edges smooth and safe. The slight rounding of the edges can also be customized to meet your needs. You can use these edges on both a thick and a thin slab without affecting the overall aesthetic look. If you want to highlight a certain portion of your exclusive kitchen décor, then this edge profile has to be your ultimate choice. You will be amazed to see how seamlessly this edge profile integrates with the rest of the kitchen décor.

Square Edges

Modern kitchens often have square-edged countertops as they add much to the overall looks of a kitchen. This edge profile blends seamlessly with contemporary designs, but you have to be cautious with them as the edges are quite sharp and there remain chances of an injury. If you want a sleek and simple square edge profile only, then make sure to get the edges smoothed out properly. This will reduce the risks associated with a square edge profile.

Eased Edges

If you are looking for an edge profile that makes the countertop look sturdy, then your search ends at the eased edges profile. The corners look like a square 90-degree edge and are just perfect for use; they are neither too sharp nor too rounded. These edges are also safe and easy to clean, so even with minimal maintenance, you can expect the countertop to look as good as new. This simple and elegant profile goes with most of the kitchen designs, so you can go ahead with this profile.

Beveled Edges

The simple and flat designed beveled edges are one of the most common edge profiles being used on the granite countertops. It has a flat corner with a slight angle rounding that adds much to the overall countertop appearance. The best part of this edge profile is you can have both the angle and the width of the countertop material customized to your needs to get the perfect desired result.

Double Bevel Edges

People willing to remodel their kitchen into a plush one should prefer the double bevel edge profile, as it makes the kitchen look bigger and opulent. It has two 45-degree angles that add an extra dimension to the slab and also exhibit a greater impact when compared to the other edge profiles. One angle is present on the top and the other on the bottom creating a significant impact on the overall kitchen look.

Pencil Edges

If sophistication, simplicity, and elegance are your ultimate requisites then you should go ahead with the pencil edge profile. Usually, modern kitchens having clean lines have this type of edge profile as it adds more to the beauty of the kitchen. You can go ahead and make customizations to suit your need, as this edge profile gives you the benefit to take any shape the way you want it to be.

Waterfall Edges

The waterfall edge profile is a perfect fit for the modern kitchens as it is unique in its own way. The sleek design and half rounded edge will dupe you into thinking that the slab doesn’t have any edge at all. Your countertop will eventually turn into the main focal point of the kitchen with this clean edge profile. If you have too many young children in your house, then the waterfall edge should be your preference as it is the safest option when the corners are concerned. Also, it greatly adds to the aesthetic look of the overall slab in a very elegant and sophisticated manner.

Half Bullnose Edges

A little similar to the waterfall edge profile, this is the most popular choice among many kitchen remodelers. If you have a warm kitchen décor and theme, then this granite countertop edge profile will add more warmth and softness to your overall kitchen looks. If you are using patterned granite countertop slabs then this edge will highlight the pattern making the surface look more attractive. This profile is simple, clean, elegant, and is really easy to clean as well.

Ogee Edges

If you love classic looks then ogee edges will help you recreate that ornate elegance that goes perfectly with a traditional and aesthetic kitchen. This edge profile has a dramatic “S” shaped curve that has subtle lines and makes the countertop look heavy. This is most ideal for kitchens having a large space.


Irrespective of the granite countertop edge you choose, it is surely going to make your kitchen look more beautiful and elegant. Just be precise about your needs and choose any edge profile from the above-mentioned list.

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