Tips to Clean Quartz Countertops – What Quartz Dealers Say?

Clean Quartz Countertops

If you have decided upon Quartz countertops for your kitchen then accept our applaud for making such great choice. Quartz countertops are one of the best things that one can choose to install in the kitchen. Its sheen is peerless, so is its durability. It not only looks appealing after installation in any kitchen but also its nonporous surface keeps the bacterial growth at bay.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of Quartz is that it’s hardly taking efforts to clean and maintain. It doesn’t hold the stains for longer. A single wet wipe will clear them off.

Though its maintenance is easy, we have summed up a few tips to clean and maintain your Quartz countertops with little efforts.

Some of the Few Essentials to Help You out in Cleaning Are as Follows:

  1. Paper Towel
  2. Vinegar
  3. Sponge
  4. Two Soft Towels
  5. Window Cleaner
  6. A Distilled Water-Filled Spray Bottle

Dealers’ Cleaning Tips to Keep Quartz Countertops Spick and Span

As Quartz is highly resilient and robust, it has the capacity to bear the rough and tough daily usage. It is hard enough to get any scratch and dent on quartz. It is basically a good choice if you want to have a robust and easy-to-maintain kitchen.

With little maintenance, you can increase its durability. According to dealers, the easiest and most viable option keep your Quartz countertops pristine and crystal clear is through cleaning with a wipe and sponge. But with few auxiliary cares, it can be more alluring and appealing.

Are you wondering how to do that? Here is our assistance to achieve it. Let’s learn the tricks.

Soapy Water Is More than Enough

Clean your Quartz countertops with warm soapy water. With the help of a sponge, scrub the surface to remove any residual. Choose only soft sponge. No need to go for an abrasive or harsh sponge. Make sure you never use an abrasive or rough material to scrub because it may leave scratches. Plus, it will make your Quartz to lose its shine quickly. If you have a polished Quartz, then scrubbing is a complete no. Put few drops of raw vinegar over the stains which are little stubborn. Keep a wet cloth over the vinegar dipped-stains for some time. Remove the cloth after a good 5 minutes and you will see that the stain has loosened up. Give a gentle rub and the stain will go away in no time. Finally, clean it with a dry cloth. Once it completely dries off, check whether there are streaks or not. Chances of its presence are bleak though.

Easy Rinsing Is the Key to Have a Clean Quartz Countertop

The regular rinsing of your Quartz countertops keeps it clean and prevents stains from going stubborn. Don’t go all watery for rinsing. Just keep a spray bottle along with you. Spray it all over the countertop and give a gentle wipe. As Quartz countertops are non-porous in nature, they will not absorb the moisture. In addition, there is no place for any residual as well. if you keep on regular rinsing of your Quartz countertop then it will keep on shining always.

Your Window Cleaner Will also Do Wonders on Your Quartz Countertops

Do you think that window cleaner spray mends to keep your windows neat and tidy? Then let us tell you that it’s more useful than you anticipated. Window cleaner spray is highly effective to clean your Quartz countertops as well. The formula works well; suppose you’re facing a tough time to remove oil and grease from the countertop, which is common after regular use, then take the mighty help of window cleaner. Spray it all over the countertop, leave it for few seconds, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. In a single wipe, all the oiliness and grease will go off and your Quartz countertop will be shining like before. While you are using window cleaner, be careful of not using it too much. A small quantity of this effective cleaner also does wonders in Quartz countertops.


Easy and effortless cleaning and maintenance make the Quartz countertops best-of-all for your kitchen countertops. Install them once and enjoy the delightful experience ever after.

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